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Aware and Empowered Educational Programme

The Aware and Empowered (A&E) educational programme was co-developed by EmilyTest and the City of Glasgow College.

A&E aims to spread awareness of gender-based violence (GBV) and its far-reaching implications, with the ultimate goal of empowering individuals to play a role in preventing such acts.

By doing so, attendees can help to reshape the culture they are a part of.

About the programme

This two-hour educational programme utilises testimonial storytelling and educational information paired with group discussions to cultivate an impactful session. After hearing Emily’s story, attendees are encouraged to draw on their knowledge and experiences while engaging in discourse about the attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that sustain inequality and perpetuate acts of GBV.

Initially focusing on student populations, the programme has since been adapted to include tailored sessions for both staff and student populations within colleges and universities. All sessions will consist of:

  • Emily’s Story
  • Defining GBV, including coercive and controlling behaviours
  • Examining prevalence rates
  • Discussing intervention methods
  • Signposting to institutional, local, and national resources

Who should attend?

This educational programme is for individuals seeking to learn more about GBV, EmilyTest and what more can be done to prevent GBV.

Individuals in the college and university sector are welcomed and encouraged to attend A&E sessions.

Separate sessions for staff and students will be arranged to provide relevant, tailored information with groups limited to 50 participants.