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Charter Institutions

Is your university or college engaged with the EmilyTest GBV Charter? 


  • White pins are Awarded Institutions - they passed the Emily Test.
  • Pink pins are Taking the EmilyTest –  working towards submitting for the EmilyTest with the aim of gaining the Charter Award.
  • Grey pins are Pledging – they are undertaking foundational work and progressing towards Taking the Test. 


Quotes from Charter Institutions

University of Aberdeen:

“Our engagement with the GBV Charter signifies our ongoing support to the vitally important work being done by EmilyTest, which has been invaluable in helping us develop our approach towards this critical issue.

“Emily’s tragic death in 2016, while she was a student with us, has led to an ongoing commitment to continually review our approaches to combating gender-based violence and enhancing our support to victims, while ensuring that any valuable lessons we learn are shared widely across the sector.

“Fiona Drouet and her team have played a key role in developing our work in this area, and in signing up to the GBV Charter we will continue to call upon their wealth of knowledge as we seek to eradicate gender-based violence at the University and beyond.”

[Chair of UoA Combating GBV & Sexual Harassment Strategy Group, Nick Edwards]

South Lanarkshire College:

“South Lanarkshire College are delighted to be working in partnership again with EmilyTest to undertake the world’s first Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Charter for colleges and universities. SLC operates a zero-tolerance approach to all instances of gender-based violence and is committed to providing a safe, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all staff and students. We very much look forward to building on the important work already started during our time as a Pilot Institution to help tackle gender-based violence.”

[Principal Stella McManus]

University of St Andrews:

“As a pilot institution, we are pleased to be working towards the Emily Test Charter. We believe its framework will reinforce our work to ensure we have the best possible structures and support in place to prevent and intervene in cases of GBV so that our students and staff can be confident that they are joining an inclusive and supportive community.”

[Director of Student Experience, Ros Claase & Director of Student Services, Dr Lara Meischke].

Glasgow Clyde College:

“We at Glasgow Clyde are dedicated to ensuring all our students and staff feel a sense of belonging and are confident that they will thrive in a safe and supportive college community. Our work with EmilyTest has allowed us to candidly evaluate and examine how we make change through collaboration with internal support services and external partners to provide the best appropriate support to victims/survivors of GBV. By progressing our partnership with EmilyTest, we will improve the prevention, intervention and support for students and staff subjected to GBV and look forward to continuing this vital relationship.”

[Principal, Jon Vincent]